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Cosmetic Dentistry

What message is your smile sending? Consider these “smile” stats from a 2012 PR Newswire survey:

  • The #1 thing people notice when meeting someone is their smile.
  • 77% of women think crooked teeth are a bigger turn-off than a receding hairline.
  • 78% of Americans perceive adults with crooked teeth as unsuccessful.

Plenty of studies show that bad teeth can affect income, job promotions, hiring decisions and dating, and even cause people to distrust or move away from someone with bad teeth.

Straightening or reshaping teeth, filling in gaps, correcting bites, whitening discolored teeth…using the newest treatments and technology, Glendora Dental Arts can completely transform your dental health and your appearance, and give you a confident smile.  Remember, a smile is a universal welcome.

Dr. Lee has been practicing cosmetic dentistry for the last 17 years and can offer variety of ways to enhance your smile.

LUMINEERS/ VENEERS.  Lumineers allow you to correct crowding, spacing,  discolorations or chipping/cracked teeth without cutting down tooth structure.

BLEACHING. At Glendora Dental Arts, we offer 1-hour in office bleaching and also take home bleaching kits.  Please contact us for specials on bleaching.

INVISALIGN.  Invisalign is a “cosmetic” braces that straighten your teeth without traditional wires/brackets that look unsightly.  Please come in for free consultation to see if you quality.

LAVA/EMPRESS CROWNS.  Lot of people have porcelain crowns that show unsightly grey “lines” making it “looks fake.”  Dr. Lee can discuss with you about all the latest cosmetic crowns available without any dark metal,  allowing light to transmit through, making it look natural.  Dr. Lee will make certain you are completely satisfied with all your cosmetic procedures BEFORE final cementation.  This is her personal guarantee to all her patients!!!


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