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A crown is a cap placed over the entire tooth surface to restore its shape, size, strength and/or appearance. Crowns are used:

  • To attach a bridge
  • When a filling is too large for the tooth to support
  • To protect a cracked or broken tooth
  • To protect a tooth with root canal
  • For cosmetic enhancement

PORCELAIN CROWNS. Today’s technology creates crowns made of porcelain that are natural looking in shape and color, leave no black edge at the gum line and can last 10+ years.  Most porcelain crowns have a metal substructure (PFM) that cover over your existing tooth structure.

LAVA CROWNS. Crowns made of porcelain over zirconia is called LAVA crowns.  Zirconia is much more stronger substructure, and allow for a better seal against leakage under a crown.   And because there is no grey metal under the porcelain, it is the most esthetic crowns made today.  If you are a severe grinder, Dr. Lee may recommend Zirconia crowns called Bruxir that hold up even for the severest of grinders along with a Nightguard.

Glendora Dental Arts strives to make crowns that look and feel like the real thing – a “natural” and bright smile.

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